Earlier this week, it was reported that TLD Registry has secured one of the most vital pieces to running a successful domain business in China: full accreditation with the state agency of the Chinese government that regulates the Internet from within China - The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).


As an encore to last week's major news, we released a video documentary, shown below, which follows CEO Arto Isokoski and VP Pinky Brand from TLD Registry Ltd. as they spread the word in China about their fully Chinese IDN domain extensions .在线 (Dot Chinese Online) and .中文网 and (Dot Chinese Website) to potential registrar partners, IP lawyers, government folks and potential end-users.


The documentary provides some general insight into all the travel, preparation, speeches, meetings, and celebrations that these guys have executed, and endured. You also see some of the incredible contrasts that daily life within China offers to those entrepreneurs that have invested resources into penetrating this lucrative market. There are also cameos from other registry operators known in the industry, such as Jeff Sass and Colin Campbell from .CLUB, who have spent time on the road in China with the TLD Registry folks as marketing partners.


The documentary was produced and edited by 21 year industry veteran Pinky Brand (who used to be in the TV news business in another lifetime) and TLD Registry Ltd. It covers the period March 2014 to January 2017.