CaptureIt's always a good thing to establish a working business relationship with a couple of the world's most successful domain name investors. After an already-healthy friendship and years of knowing each other's businesses and successes, both Michael Berkens and Monte Cahn of the Internet and domain name consultancy company Right of the Dot, LLC (ROTD), have taken on TLD Registry as a client. In fact, TLD Registry's Dot Chinese Online (.在线 ) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) are the only IDNs to be taken on by ROTD to date.

TLD Registry and ROTD's industry leadership is very prevalent, hence our decision to coin our cooperation as a "dream team."

As our team continues to market Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website to a large and expanding demographic of western domain name investors, ROTD will be alongside to advise and offer their expertise as distinguished and veteran domainers themselves. Our organically-created partnership with ROTD was based on this objective -- to further develop awareness, investment, and branding opportunities represented by Chinese domains, to a predominantly western audience.

We are fortunate to be able to work with two of the top names in the industry in Berkens and Cahn, and we are optimistic that our business relationship will lead to bigger and better things for both TLD Registry and ROTD.

The TLD Registry executive team, as well as ROTD, will be attending the NamesCon domain name conference in January 2015 at Las Vegas's Tropicana Hotel. Our team will be presenting the world's first, and currently the world's only Chinese Domaining Masterclass.

Mitch Watkins, TLD Registry

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