TLD Registry December Newsletter

It is nearing the end of the year, but TLD Registry has been continuously planning and creating. Read about our exciting new additions and achievements for the month of November.


Upcoming Events
活动预告Finland Flag

Finland Independence Day

On the 6th of December 1917, Finland declared its independence from Russia. December 6, 2014 will mark the 97th anniversary. As the home to world’s leading Chinese IDN, TLD Registry is extremely proud to be a platinum sponsor for this monumental event at the Finnish Embassy in Beijing. Finland is known as Northern Europe’s leading domain business.  Happy Independence Day Finland!


New and Notable

Best Marketing Award at Brandma New gTLD Roadshow

Brandma Roadshow

This year’s New gTLD Roadshow awarded the TLD Registry team with a Best Marking in China award! Brandma CEO and ICANN Board member, Ching Chiao presented the award with the statement, “No other registry has helped the awareness of the importance and value of Chinese domains as TLD Registry”. Thanks Brandma and our dedicated partners and friends for supporting TLD Registry’s insurmountable efforts. Congrats team, keep up the hard work and creativity!


Welcoming a New Executive Board

In light of the upcoming new year, TLD Registry is starting fresh with a new executive board to lead the team. Kirsi Eräkangas is the Chairman of the Board. She has previously served as Vice Chairman and Director of Basware Corporation since 1993 and as the Independent Director of QPR Software. Harri Koponen has served as the CEO of Sonera Corporation, VP of Ericsson, COO of Angry BirdsRovio Entertainment Ltd, and so much more. Jari Tuovinen is the cofounder at Vision+ Fund, which fully funds and supports TLD Registry.
Tuomo Rissanen and Stefan Lindberg are continuing on the board as members. Welcome new board and we all look forward to a fresh new start!

在新年即将到来之际,域通联达的新董事会也正式成立。叶柯希(Kirsi Eräkangas)将会出任董事会主席一职。自1993年起,叶柯希就出任了芬兰驻名软件公司Basware的董事会副主席。她也是QPR软件公司的独立董事。新董事会成员柯皓锐(Harri Koponen)曾担任过芬兰电话公司Sonera CEO,爱立信副总裁,Rovio首席运营官等科技业重要职务。陶杰瑞(Jari Tuovinen)是Vision+基金的联合创始人并全额投资并支持域通联达的工作。李德慕(Tuomo Rissanen)和林渤方( Stefan Lindberg)将继续出任董事会成员。在此我们对域通联达新董事会成立表示热烈祝贺并期待更好的发展。

Weibo Additions

As a result of feedback from our Weibo followers, new informative sliders are now featured on TLD Registry’s Weibo home page. Check them out! The new sliders were created in hopes of better communicating to the common person about the general process of registering domain names and how to register a DCO or DCW domain name. The infographic slider explains the registration process and sales from ICANN down to the registrant. The registrar slider illustrates the various partnering Chinese registrars associated with DCO and DCW. The WHOIS slider links directly to TLD Registry’s in-house WHOIS search that supports Chinese characters. We hope these sliders resolve FAQs common to a person unfamiliar with the domain registration process.

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ChineseLandrush v. 3.1 Launched! 第3.1版正式上线!

Version 3.1 of has a brand new feature and a few bug fixes. The new feature allows non-Chinese speaking domainers to input their own English domain names to be completely translated by the TLD Registry China team. Another tool enabling English speakers to confidently invest in Chinese domain names.

Click here to check the new feature out!


Notable New Registrations

Another month of interesting new registrations! TLD Registry would like to welcome notable companies and corporations which have bought domain names in Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) in the month of November! Thanks to the following for the vote of support in the world’s leading Chinese IDNs:


  • eBay eBay.CN
    One of the world’s largest online marketplace for almost anything imaginable
  • Etsy
    E-commerce website focused on vintage and handmade items
  • Finnair Oyj 芬兰航空
    Provides air transport and supporting services from Finland
  • PayPal PayPal中文
    E-commerce business that allows payments or the transfer of money through the Internet
  • 20th Century Fox Film Corporation 二十世纪福克斯电影公司
    One of six American film studios
  • Yara Industrial 雅苒集团
    Norwegian based chemical company that is well-known for its production of nitrogen fertilizer

Media Mentions

TLD Registry News

New gTLD Roadshow,

Startup Weekend Hong Kong 2014-11The New gTLD Roadshow kicked off on November 4th in Beijing this year. From Beijing, attendees traveled to Shanghai, Shenzhen, and then concluded the roadshow in Xiamen on November 13th. The roadshow was a complete success with a shiny new award for Best Marketing in China to showcase and a riveting keynote by our own GM Jin Wang.

As a top-level sponsor of the roadshow, TLD Registry was very satisfied with the whole event. For pictures connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, LinkedIn, or Instagram.



Startup Weekend, Hong Kong

On the weekend of November 14-16, TLD Registry as a platinum sponsor of Startup Weekend, headed to Hong Kong. Held at CoCoon, which is located in the dense area of Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island, is a coworking space home to many Hong Kong startups.

The platform of the event allowed TLD Registry to share our insights into business and the domain industry and collaborate with many different Hong Kong businesses. Through the participation in workshops, panels, presentations, and seminars, TLD Registry was able to explain how to utilize Chinese domain names in business. The Startup Weekend organizers congratulated TLD Registry for hosting "the most informative presenation ever given in 6 years of Hong Kong Startup Weekends"!



Internet Days, Stockholm

This years edition of Internet Days in Stockholm on November 24th to 25th was especially significant because CEO Arto Isokoski and Partner and Board Member Stefan Lindberg presented a keynote. For members involved in the Internet industry, the speech introduced the importance of Chinese IDNs and the relevance of DCO and DCW in China. Organized by .SE (The Internet Infrastructure Foundation), an independent organization responsible for Sweden’s ccTLD and Internet development in Sweden, at the Waterfront Congress Centre.

Make sure to connect with us on TLD Registry social media to learn more: TwitterFacebook, Weibo, Instagram, LinkedIn




Chinese Character of the Week


Pinyin: chuàng

Etymology:  Because the character is pictographic, the right side suggests the meaning and the left suggests the sound. The right side means “knife”. So from a knife, it can make cuts which indicates that it is creating or establishing something. This is the root of the meaning of “创” which means establish and create.



Auspicious Days


In Chinese culture, it is essential to keep track of important days in order to lead a successful life. For the month of December, the lucky days to conduct business and investment transactions are: 2, 5, 7, 8, 10, 14, 19, 22, 23, 30.

在12月中,有利于投资和经商的日子有12月2, 5, 7, 8, 10, 14, 19, 22, 23, 30日。



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