To sell Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website IDNs, you will develop a client application to interface with the Afilias Shared Registration System (SRS) backend. The Afilias Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) environment is available for you to test your client systems. Afilias requires registrars to demonstrate the correct operation of their client application by completing the OT&E certification process without errors.

Registrars who have not passed OT&E will not be able to process transactions with the SRS. Please contact Afilias Technical Support to schedule a time slot for OT&E certification.

To learn about the OT&E certification process, please see the OT&E Certification FAQ.

To learn about the security requirements, please read the Registrar Security FAQ.


The Afilias SRS is compliant with the RFC version of EPP, issued in March 2004. Those RFCs are:

OT&E Acceptance Test Criteria

Please see the OT&E Certification FAQ to see which test(s) apply to you.

  • Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website Sunrise OT&E Acceptance Test Criteria (version 1)
  • Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website OT&E Acceptance Test Criteria (version 1)

There is a main toolkit, plus an add-on (liberty-rtk-addon files below) that contains Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website-specific materials.

What are the EPP extensions needed for Sunrise trademark fields?

Please see the file "README.txt" in the EPP toolkit add-on (afilias-rtk-addon-0.6.5)

EPP Java RTK version 0.9.3:

RTK Add-on version 0.5.3 :

EPP C++ RTK version 0.9.3:

The software consists of a working Java API and Java and C samples that can be used to implement the EPP protocol used to communicate between the registry and registrar. The samples illustrate how XML requests (Registration Events) can be assembled and forwarded to the Registry for processing. The software provides the registrar with the basis for a reference implementation that conforms to the Registry-Registrar Protocol. The software component of the Tool Kit is based on static XML requests. The Registrar Tool Kit is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. The EPP RTK is an open-source project on SourceForge.

The documentation explains to the registrar the details of the protocol specification. It describes the commands that need to be sent to the registry in order to support domain registration events, as well as the possible responses that may be returned by the Registry. The precise nature of the sequencing of commands, as well as the payload that must be assembled and transmitted to the registry, are defined for each possible registration event. The documentation also describes the sample software that implements the EPP Registry-Registrar protocol. This will consist of a description of the software package hierarchy, and an explanation of the defined objects and methods (including calling parameter lists, and expected response behavior).

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