Registrars are licensed to display the Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website logos (both the Chinese Version Logos and the International Version Logos) on their websites, but they must not in any way represent themselves as being the official Registry for the Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website domains; rather they must make it clear that they are a Registrar accredited to sell Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website International Domain Names (IDNs).

The Registrar’s websites should not be formatted in such a way or include any information / text that could cause market confusion or lead members of the public to believe that that particular entity is the official organization for the Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website domains.

All branding assets of Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website are the exclusive property of TLD Registry Ltd, and may not be used without explicit written permission from TLD Registry Ltd. Please contact the TLD Registry brand custodian for information, support, advice and special permissions not automatically included in the Registrar license.

Visit the Branding Kit page.

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