Before becoming a registrar for Dot Chinese Online ( .在线 ) and Dot Chinese Website ( .中文网 ), you must be accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Once you are ICANN accredited, you can start the registration accreditation process with TLD Registry.

Afilias is TLD Registry's back-end provider, so you can easily market our IDNs in Dot Chinese Online ( .在线 ) and Dot Chinese Website ( .中文网 ) using the Afilias Online Registrar Management System (ORMS).

Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website Accreditation Process

To begin the accreditation process with TLD Registry, please contact to receive a copy of our RRAs to easily review and sign via DocuSign. Note: you do not need a DocuSign account in order to review and sign our RRAs.

Once the RRAs are executed, we will provide you with further integration and documentation, such as billing and payment information, marketing and sales materials, policies, etc. Also, we will inform Afilias to open your Dot Chinese Online ( .在线 ) and Dot Chinese Website ( .中文网 ) application(s) in Afilias' ORMS.  You can then login to ORMS at

Once logged into Afilias ORMS, you will follow a simple, step-by-step process, which will includes:

  • Step One - Complete the Registrar Data Form.
  • Step Two - Develop your client application.
  • Step Three - Complete the Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) certification process. The OT&E environment is available for you to test your client system. View the Registrar Technical Requirements. Note: a Registrar OT&E test is not required for registrars that have previously passed an existing Afilias OT&E test for any of the gTLDs that Afilias supports.
  • Step Four - Access the Production Environment
  • Step Five — Go Live! Optionally integrate Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website branding materials and sample ads to your sales platform.

Collaborate with the TLD Registry marketing and communications team to optimize your sales plan. Rely on the registrar services team at TLD Registry for assistance and advice: contact

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