Landrush for Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website began on Thursday March 20 and concluded on Wednesday April 24.

This important date in the modern history of the Chinese web was auspiciously marked by a traditional Feng Shui ceremony on beautiful Hac Sa Beach, Macau. Good fortune and prosperity for domain names in Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website will surely follow: March 21 was an auspicious day for “breaking ground” in the ancient Chinese almanac. The Chinese almanac was created during the Han Dynasty around 200BC, and continues to be an important guide to the lives and businesses of more than a billion Chinese people.

On the 2nd day of Landrush, a major auction of valuable premium domain names was held at the Galaxy Macau's China Rouge private members' club. This was the perfect venue for the prestigious launch of our premium domain name program. During the innovative hybrid-live-and-online auction, a total of 33 domain name lots were sold, raising US$182,000 in sales.

Veteran and first-time domain name investors participated in and won auctions for domain names as diverse as “” (游戏.在线) for $25,388, “” (赌场.在线) for $25,000, “” (房地产.在线) for $16,000, “” (租赁.在线) for $15,500 and “” (比特币.在线) for $14,388. Read about our highly successful auction in English here, and in Chinese here.

The complete list of sales appears here (click the "Lots" tab). Congratulations to the many lucky winners of our premium domain names! It was thrilling to see such enthusiastic bidding from around the world, and that both Chinese and non-Chinese investors and operators were winners.

Tee Landrush Period of Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website is analogous to the opening of valuable new tracts of internet real estate in the Chinese-speaking world. It is during the 30-day landrush period that premium domain names are made available to investors and website owners/operators. A complete list of currently available premium domain names will appear on this web site within a few days.

The Landrush period will conclude on Thursday April 24 and concluded on Thursday April 24. A three-day quiet period immediately followed.

Expressions of interest for premium Dot Chinese Online domain names can be made at the Sedo microsite for Dot Chinese Online / Simplified Chinese (Mandarin) version.

Expressions of interest for premium Dot Chinese Website domain names can be made at the Sedo microsite for Dot Chinese Website / Simplified Chinese (Mandarin) version.

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