Chinese TLDs are great for brands and businesses!

These are the top 12 reasons why fully-Chinese domain names are a powerful tool for your brand and business:

  1. Establishing a website or service with a fully Chinese domain name shows commitment to Chinese audiences -- consumers, customers, partners, the media, and government regulators. It tangibly demonstrates your desire to offer a completely Chinese information service.
  2. No English whatsoever stands between your brand and the consumer.
  3. Your fully-Chinese web address eliminates the cognitive dissonance between your URL and your localized Chinese brand name.
  4. Your URLs will be much, much more memorable.
  5. You will enjoy enhanced brand protection for your localized Chinese brand names.
  6. Your site's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is enhanced, because your URLs will perfectly match your localized Chinese brand names and messages.
  7. Fully-Chinese URLs greatly help consumer protections against phishing attacks. Chinese netizens (and China's government) favor fully-Chinese web addresses because Chinese netizens are more easily able to spot phishing URLs when they're in Chinese.
  8. Fully-Chinese URLs accelerate the uptake of the Chinese web for new netizens, with particularly good ease of use for rural people and cashed-up "silver surfers" (senior citizens).
  9. Entering fully-Chinese web addresses on smartphones, tablets and Windows 8 PCs (using ubiquitous Chinese handwriting recognition) is much easier and faster than typing English web addresses.
  10. Powerful new promotional opportunities are created with the launch of your fully-Chinese domain names. Publicity opportunities abound for new site launches or re-launches.
  11. Meaningful sentences can be composed in the very compact and concise Chinese language, creating rich URLs which marketers will discover new uses for.
  12. Trademark owners will appreciate our simplified Sunrise period and the robust trademark claims process; easy and fast registrations are enabled via the Trademark Clearinghouse.

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