Masterclass logo 2014 rgbOne of the best things about our day-to-day work is the sense of achievement and satisfaction that many of us feel when we help introduce an experienced (or novice) domain name investor to the world of Chinese language domain names. We think that the excitement we feel is largely due to these early days of Chinese domains feeling so similar to the early days of .com -- its like we've stepped into the Domain Wayback Machine and been transported back 20 years. The people who're joining us in the Domain Wayback Machine are in many ways like the early investors in .coms -- people like Michael Berkens, Monte Cahn, even Rick Schwartz. Those guys did so very well by getting into .coms early. Today, and tomorrow, and for a while yet, folks that we help to get into the new world of Chinese language domains are picking up "category killer" Chinese domains that would today be worth millions of dollars, were they .coms.

Our expert team has realized that for Chinese internet users, the .com era is slowly coming to an end, in terms of the high value market. We know that those who missed out on the .com boom can have a chance to be a part of something similar, or even bigger.

That's why the TLD Registry team is incredibly proud and excited to announce a major promotion that's been in the works for the past six months: The world's first, and currently world's only Chinese Domaining Masterclass. This unique masterclass will be held at the second annual NamesCon domain name conference in Las Vegas in January 2015.

Our announcement has already garnered some good attention in the blogosphere, being picked up by many influential domainers. You can read some of their blog coverage here (, here (DN Journal) and here (DomainShane).

It doesn't matter if you're a veteran domainer or a beginner, the masterclass offers invaluable direction to how to get the most out of your Chinese IDN investing experience. Not only will our China experts Simon Cousins and Jin Wang of TLD Registry be presenting four different sessions of the masterclass every single day of NamesCon, but every participant will have a chance to go home with a complete, 100-page curriculum binder of the masterclass. Specialized information regarding Chinese IDN domaining is contained in the masterclass binder, which was created in-house by TLD Registry's expert China team after many months of research and writing.

The sessions that will be presented at NamesCon will include a main session, online tools and services, numeric domains, and the top ten FAQ's, The main session will cover an introduction to the many aspects of China, including the history of IDNs, different Chinese dialects, and how to spin great Chinese IDNs. We will also teach you Chinese in 10 minutes! The online tools and services session breaks down specific online tools to make your life a lot easier when dealing with Chinese IDN investing, from escrow to Alipay. The numeric session will go over each specific meaning of numbers 0-9, and will educate you on the importance of numerics in China, and why they are selling and selling well. The top ten FAQs session will be a great opportunity to get answers to some very basic questions that many western domainers have about Chinese IDNs.

Each hour-long session will be presented several times over the course of NamesCon, so if you can't make it to one of the sessions one day, come by the next day. It'll be worth your time.

Our opening session, January 11 (Sunday), will be the Chinese Domaining Masterclass main sesssion, followed by the numerics session, a repeat of the main session, the online tools and services session, and then the top ten FAQs session to cap off the day. These sessions will take place in our very own Chinese Domaining Masterclass classroom.

On Day-1, January 12 (Monday), there will be a panel entitled "Doing Business in China," followed by a boxed lunch and top ten FAQs session sponsored by TLD Registry. These two sessions will be presented in the main ballroom. The remaining sessions throughout the day will be repeat sessions of what was presented on Sunday, presented in the Chinese Domaining Masterclass classroom.

On Day-2 and Day-3 (Tuesday and Wednesday), repeat sessions of the Masterclass will be offered that follow the exact same format that was presented on Sunday. These will also be in our own classroom.

To view complete schedule of the Masterclass for every day of NamesCon, please see the agenda.

You don't want to miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience to absorb information that will help you as you embark on the journey of IDN  investing. Valuable .coms are limited. Category killing IDNs are abundant. Don't miss your chance to get in on something that you may have missed during the .com rush. Let us teach you how.


Mitch Watkins, TLD Registry