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TLD Registry's Simon Cousins Interviewed on Domain Name Wire Podcast

Posted by on Nov 13, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

In the November 10th episode of the popular Domain Name Wire Podcast, editor in chief Andrew Allemann spoke with TLD Registry’s CMO, Simon Cousins about the flourishing Chinese domain name market. Andrew mentions that Domain Holdings released their sales report for the past quarter, which states that a quarter of their sales were to buyers in China. Many top registries and registrars are crediting a large portion of their sales to the Chinese market. In the discussion between Simon and Andrew, Simon goes over myths about creating Chinese domain names, how Chinese people currently surf the web and how they will in the future, and what kind of Chinese domain names are considered premium domains to Chinese people. Most are aware that China has the world’s largest national population. However Simon reminds us that when looking at the Chinese market, investors must have a global outlook. Thriving and financially successful Chinese speaking people are not only in China’s mainland, but in fact living in almost every country of the world. For example, New York City is the home of the largest population of Chinese people who live outside of China. Numerals are a key feature to understand valuable Chinese domain names. In the Alexa Top 100 websites, 15 are numeric domains. The nuances of numbers in Chinese culture is detailed and opens up a market for profitability. Puns, symbolism, or references can all be derived from what seems to be a “random” combination of numbers to a non-Chinese speaker. In the podcast, Simon gives examples of each numeric nuance, showing the vast branches of semantics that emanate from combination of sounds and usage of numbers. Andrew and Simon then segue into how people in China use the web based on culture and language differences.  Referring to the 650 million Internet users in China, Simon states, “a portion of those are comfortable working with typing English letters and a much larger proportion are not comfortable working with English”. People who are not capable of using “QWERTY” keyboards go through portal sites, such as 163.com or hao123.com, that list thousands of different Chinese sites so people can simply click through the web. Simon also explains the difficulties that Chinese people stumble on when they are forced to type on keywords. Switching from English to Chinese and vice versa can be “universally annoying”. TLD Registry and other registries are taking away that annoyance with the provision of fully-Chinese domains. Non-English speakers around the world can now type in their own language in the address bar.  The availability of non-English domains, expands the Chinese domain market by attracting the whole Chinese speaking population. It no longer limits the Chinese domain market to Chinese...

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TLD Registry to speak at inaugural World Domain Day India

Posted by on Aug 1, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

We are excited to announce that TLD Registry’s CEO Arto Isokoski and CMO Simon Cousins will be highlighted guest speakers at India's inaugural World Domain Day. To be staged in Hyderabad, India on August 24th, Arto and Simon will build upon TLD Registry’s already well-established résumé as the world's leading experts on Chinese domain names. Increasing numbers of bloggers, domain name investors, governments, enterprises and even new Chinese parents are realizing the immense value and opportunity that Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) have to offer the internet. The fact that both Arto and Simon will be championing the world's leading Internationalized Domain Names to India's most influential domain name investors will provide increased support for growth of the Chinese domains under management. World Domain Day India provides a unique opportunity for TLD Registry to further highlight its successful and exciting new business platform to an audience of those involved in the domaining sector specific to India. Conversely, Indian investors also have a unique opportunity to network with TLD Registry and connect with a market that may be extremely valuable in terms of achieving their business goals. An important part of the TLD Registry presentation at World Domain Day India will be to focus on the excellent opportunities to register valuable "category killer" Chinese domains, using the company's new tool ChineseLandrush.com. ChineseLandrush.com offers ordinary domain investors the expert support to register great Chinese domains without knowing a word of Chinese. We are confident that Arto and Simon will perpetuate the major benefits Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website have, and how important those IDNs will be for the domaining and consumer market world as ASCII is slowly, yet progressively, escorted out the door. By doing this, we are opening the door to the best of the best IDNs, and have the chance to make that known to people at one of the newest domain name conferences of the year. Along with Arto and Simon, several other guest speakers will be in attendance at World Domain Day, including .CLUB's Jeffrey Sass, Dr. Ajay Kumar, Vikram Ahuja, James Wester, and many more. Arto and Simon will be speaking in the afternoon -- World Domain Day's venue is the the main auditorium of the five-star Avasa Hotel in Hyderabad. For more information about World Domain Day, please visit worlddomainday.com. Mitch Watkins, TLD Registry. Share this: Email Twitter LinkedIn Google Facebook More Pocket Tumblr Pinterest Reddit Sina...

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Announcing our new online tool to help non-Chinese speakers to invest in Chinese domains

Posted by on Jul 1, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

How to invest in Chinese domains without knowing a word of Chinese? Its a great feeling having the world's most popular Chinese "new gTLD" domains. Since their public launch ten weeks ago, Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) have rocketed to the number 1 and 2 positions in namestat's "Internationalized Domain Names" (IDN) leaderboard. Many of the world's most successful domain name investors have already bought our domains. In fact, our first premium domain name auction, held in Macau in April, is still the most successful in ICANN's new gTLD program (we raised USD184,000 for 33 domain name lots). And during our first month of general availability, more than USD580,000 in Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website domains were sold to end-users and investors. The extensive media coverage our domains' strong performance has resulted in our fielding dozens of enquiries from western domain name investors who want to know how other western domainers selected such great domains. The simple answer, of course, is that they got some help from Chinese domain name experts. That got us thinking. Since the TLD Registry team is arguably amongst the world's leading Chinese domain name experts, how could we scale our experts' knowledge for the good of domainers everywhere? Our new tool, ChineseLandrush.com is an answer. ChineseLandrush.com is an innovative new way to help non-Chinese speakers to understand and invest in Chinese domains. At ChineseLandrush.com, visitors will always find 500 great, hand-made domain name suggestions. Note well: the suggestions are not yet registered, and they're not registry-reserved. The 500 domain name suggestions are yours for the taking. Our suggestions are hand-made by our team of Chinese domain experts in Beijing, Hong Kong and New York. For ChineseLandrush.com we never use automated "domain spinning" tools. Our domain suggestions encompass categories from activities, sports and hobbies, common prhases, food, geographic, immigration and travel, medical, and more than a dozen other relevant categories. If you register a free account and log-into ChineseLandrush.com, you have access to our powerful custom list tool. You can add your domain choices to your cart, and "check out" by downloading a handy spreadsheet file. Then, you can easily copy-and-paste your list into the bulk-registration page at the domain registrar of your choice. Every night, our automated systems scan yesterday's domain registrations and cleanse the suggestions database of new domains. The list of 500 domain suggestions is then replenished from our "hopper" of several thousand hand-made suggestions. And if you have 6 minutes to invest in developing your knowledge of Chinese domaining, we'd invite you to watch the three short videos on the home page. We hope you'll agree with us that ChineseLandrush.com is a welcome addition to...

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All about investing in Chinese domain names (a Domain Sherpa interview)

Posted by on May 13, 2014 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

We were honored to be invited by the domain name investment community's webshow-of-record, Domain Sherpa, for an interview about Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网). What was to be a short chat turned into a detailed review of TLD Registry's playbook and a masterclass on Chinese domain name investing for westerners. If you're interested in understanding more about how TLD Registry created the most successful New gTLD launch in the program's history, and how to invest and profit from Chinese domain names (without knowing a lick of Mandarin or Cantonese), why not grab the popcorn and settle in for Investing in China’s New Domain Names – With Simon Cousins, at Michael Cyger's Domain Sherpa. Share this: Email Twitter LinkedIn Google Facebook More Pocket Tumblr Pinterest Reddit Sina...

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Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website top story on Domain Sherpa!

Posted by on May 1, 2014 in News, News, News, News, News | 0 comments

All successful domain name investors will know the amazing free resource that is Domain Sherpa. Led by publisher Michael Cyger and supported by "sherpas" (all of which are domain name investor legends) Michael Berkens, Adam Dicker, Rick Schwartz and Page Howe. We were surprised and delighted to find our newly-launched Dot Chinese Online (.在线) & Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) TLDs as the first topic of discussion in today's Domain Sherpa web show! Most of the Sherpas came out strongly in support of the market-leading new Chinese TLDs. Adam Dicker revealed that he's invested quite heavily in our Chinese domains, revealing that he has bought several thousand of our domain names. Michael Berkens very generously endorsed our domains, rating them a "buy", even though he hasn't personally bought in via his domain name investment company Most Wanted Domains (Michael, its still very early days and there are hundreds of thousands of fantastic domains still unbought! 🙂 We invite our readers to enjoy the online web show here: DomainSherpa Discussion: Dot Chinese Launch; LL.TLD Request; Registrar Requirements… A note to our Chinese readers: we'll make time to subtitle this episode in Chinese and post to our Youku account as soon as possible. Share this: Email Twitter LinkedIn Google Facebook More Pocket Tumblr Pinterest Reddit Sina...

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