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TLD Registry February Update

Posted by on Feb 3, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

TLD REGISTRY FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER 域通联达二月新闻 In this second issue of the year, TLD Registry is celebrating Lunar New Year and is gearing up for another ICANN meeting for next month. Just last month, TLD Registry completed its Chinese Domaining Masterclass program after six months of preparation. Read on for more TLD Registry news! 新年的第二个月,域通联达一边庆祝中国年,一边在积极准备参加下个月的互联网名称与数字地址分配机构(ICANN)大会。而我们的“中文域名投资大师班”也终于在经历长达六个月的筹备后,于上个月在拉斯维加斯圆满举办。希望各位在这期月报中了解更多域通联达的新闻。 UPCOMING EVENTS 活动预告 Year of the Ram 羊年 Thursday, February 19th will mark the Year of the Ram on the Lunar calendar! The Lunar New Year, also referred to as the Spring Festival in China, is the most important festival in Chinese culture. It is infamous for the busiest time of the year to travel in China. Chinese people travel across the country to return back to their hometowns to their families. The Golden Week will span from the 19th of February to the 24th this year. Happy Lunar New Year! ​ 公历二月十九日,我们将迎来农历羊年的第一天。在这个中国最重要的传统节日之际,域通联达给各位拜年,祝福各位羊年大吉! ICANN 52 Singapore 互联网名称与数字地址分配机构(ICANN)第52次大会 The first ICANN meeting of the year commences on February 8-12th in Singapore. The conference will be held at the luxurious, Raffles City Convention Centre in the heart of Singapore. Be sure to follow TLD Registry on Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, LinkedIn, and Instagram for periodical updates. The full public schedule is available here. ​ 今年的第一次互联网名称与数字地址分配机构(ICANN)大会将于二月八日到十二日在新加坡举办。此次会议的举办场馆是豪华的来福士城会展中心举行。域通联达将在我们的微博上发布来自现场的最新消息。如需查询详细的会议进程表,请点击这里。   TLD REGISTRY NEWS 域通联达近期要闻 NamesCon 2015 2015NamesCon域名年会 On January 11-14th, the TLD Registry flew to the glamorous Las Vegas for NamesCon 2015, “The Domain Name Industry Conference”. With banners, binders, t-shirts, and luggages in tow, the premiere of the Chinese Domaining Masterclass made this year’s NamesCon an unforgettable one. The TLD Registry team would like to thank NamesCon for giving us the wonderful opportunity to share our China expertise to the rest of the domain community. To see us at NamesCon, visit our Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Instagram, and LinkedIn. ​ 一月十一至十四日,域通联达的工作人员一行人飞到拉斯维加斯参加2015NamesCon域名年会。带着十足的准备,首发“中文域名投资大师班”成为本次NamesCon的一个热点,也为这次年会增添了不少记忆点。域通联达要在此感谢NamesCon的主办方给予我们这样一个难得的机会向业界推介中文域名并与大家分享我们在这个领域的权威知识。 请访问域通联达的微博查看更多关于NamesCon的精彩图片和新闻。 Chinese Domaining Masterclass 2015 2015中文域名投资大师班 Our first ever Chinese Domaining Masterclass was a success! Thanks to everyone who participated and supported the TLD Registry team. All the hard work really paid off and the team especially enjoyed the enthusiasm that followed the program. Our China experts, Simon Cousins and Jin Wang concluded the conference very satisfied knowing that participants walked away better informed about the Chinese domaining and market. To catch up on masterclass updates follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 域通联达的首个“中文域名投资大师班”取得了巨大的成功,在此由衷感谢各位对我们的支持!我们还在NamesCon上结识了不少”中文域名投资大师班“的发烧友,几乎每节课都能见到他们的身影,这对夏明和王瑨两位大师班讲师以及整个筹备团队都是莫大的鼓舞。我们很欣慰地得知许多人在这个课程中第一次系统性的学习和理解了中文域名相关知识和实用技巧。 请移步我们的微博查看”中文域名投资大师班“的盛况。 NEW AND NOTABLE 近期要闻 Over 1000 Twitter Followers! 推特关注者突破1000! As the new year launches, TLD Registry celebrated its breakthrough 1000 followers on Twitter. The entire TLD Registry team would like to take the time to thank its partners, friends, fellow domainers, and loyal fans for their support. And if you aren’t following us on Twitter, now is your chance here! ​ 域通联达的推特账号关注者刚刚超过了1000名。在此我们要衷心感谢给予我们大力支持的合作伙伴、朋友、域名业界人士和铁杆粉丝们。如果你还没有关注我们的推特,现在关注还不晚,请点击这里! Notable New Registrations...

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TLD Registry January Update

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TLD REGISTRY JANUARY NEWSLETTER 域通联达一月新闻 TLD Registry has been gearing up for the holidays and the much anticipated Chinese Domaining Masterclass premiering at NamesCon next week. Read up on what has been happening in the TLD Registry world for this past month and what we’re excited about for the new year! 圣诞节和元旦将至,域通联达团队在感受着浓郁的节日气氛之时,也不忘积极备战下个月将在NamesCon域名年会上举办的中文域名大师班。我们诚意与您分享域通联达在12月份的动向以及我们在新一年的计划! UPCOMING EVENTS 活动预告 NamesCon 2015 2015年NamesCon域名年会 This weekend, TLD Registry will be a GOLD sponsor of NamesCon on January 11-14. Stop by and visit the TLD Registry booth on the ground exhibition floor! The team will be packing its bags and heading over to the flashy neighborhoods of Las Vegas, where “The Domain Name Industry Conference” will be hosted. NamesCon is especially exciting for the team because of the debut of our long-awaited Chinese Domaining Masterclass! Attendees will receive a special coupon offer, so make sure to secure your seats fast. NamesCon has given us the greatest opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise to the rest of the industry. Thank you NamesCon, and hope to see many new and familiar faces in Las Vegas! To follow TLD Registry during NamesCon, check out Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Instagram, or LinkedIn! 域通联达已经准备就绪,迎接2015一月11至14日即将在赌城拉斯维加斯举办的NamesCon域名年会。最令我们振奋的是期待已久的首发中文域名大师班!感谢NamesCon提供这样一个专业的平台,让我们有机会与业内人士分享我们在这个领域的见解和建树。我们希望在拉斯维加斯见到许许多多的新老面孔! 我们诚邀您关注域通联达的微博@域通联达来获得更多一手资讯! Chinese Domaining Masterclass 中文域名大师课程 If you haven’t heard already, the TLD Registry team is ecstatic to premiere the world’s first and only Chinese Domaining Masterclass at NamesCon this weekend. We welcome veterans and newbies to attend the masterclass, which will be available everyday of the conference. Our China experts, Simon Cousins and Jin Wang from the TLD Registry team will be presenting 4 different hour long sessions everyday. The sessions will capture information about Chinese Domaining, the importance of Chinese numerics,  the Chinese domain online tools and services, and FAQs. To kickoff the masterclass on January 11th, TLD Registry will be a key sponsor for both the panel about "Doing Business in China" and a following FAQ themed boxed lunch. These events will only be available on the first day so mark it on your itinerary. The masterclass curriculum hard-copy will be given out to the first 100 attendees. Seats are in high-demand so make sure to register your seat ASAP!To see the complete schedule and register your masterclass seat, visit the NamesCon website here.To read more about the masterclass, read our blog here.      您听说域名领域的重要活动了吗?域通联达将于2015年一月在为期四天的NamesCon年会上举办中文域名大师班。由我们团队派出的中文域名专家王瑨和夏明会在会议举办的每一天讲授四节不同的课程,每节时长约一小时,并伴随有问答环节。课程会着重讲解中文域名知识以及中文数字在中国文化里的特殊性和重要性,并分析现有的中文域名相关在线工具和服务。域通联达将赞助此次课程的两个特别环节,第一个是以“在中国做生意”为主题的专家座谈会,另一个是伴随问答环节的午餐会。这两个特别环节都仅限于大师班开课的第一天!为表示对到场参与的学员的感谢,域通联达会送出人手一本100页的课程资料。如需获取NamesCon的会议流程,请详见NamesCon官方网站。欲了解更多关于大师班的信息,请关注我们的博客。   TLD REGISTRY NEWS 域通联达近期要闻 Finland Independence Day 芬兰独立日 On the 6th of December, TLD Registry wished Finland’s independence a 97th happy birthday at the Finnish Embassy in Beijing. Established from Finnish roots, TLD Registry team members were pleased to sponsor the event and to meet with Finnish Ambassador Jari Gustafsson. Pictured above on the left is our very own CEO Arto Isokoski and the Ambassador himself. We fully support Finland and its success in the domain name industry as Northern Europe’s leading domain name business. Congratulations Finland on another year of independence! 为庆祝12月6日芬兰独立日,域通联达参与并赞助在北京芬兰领事馆举办的庆典活动。我们的团队还有幸与芬兰大使Jari Gustafsson见面。作为一家扎根于芬兰的公司,域通联达全力支持芬兰在域名行业的发展并为其国际领先地位感到骄傲。 ​     祝贺芬兰独立97周年!芬兰,生日快乐!  ​ Santa...

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Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) Dominate Sedo’s Highest IDN Sales in 2014 List

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Last week the world’s leading aftermarket domain services, Sedo, announced its top domain sales for the year 2014. To TLD Registry’s honor, Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) swept “The Top 10 list of highest IDN New gTLDs”. This list includes prices that are related to domain packages including the keyword in different variations. The Chinese domain name for “games.online” or “游戏.在线” took the No. 1 seat, selling for USD $25, 388, followed by “casino.online” or “赌场.在线” for USD $25,000 and “realestate.online” or “房地产.在线” for USD $16,000. Click here to view all the prices. Overall Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) sales on the list from No.1 to No. 10, sums up to a total of USD $129, 464. The list further validates the highly valuable Chinese IDNs, Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网). Sedo is known as one of the largest Western domain marketplaces in the industry. To be featured on their 2014 highest selling IDN list makes TLD Registry truly proud. It is a great way to end 2014, and we look forward to seeing Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) topping the lists in 2015. Click here to view the complete list.     Amanda Ng, TLD Registry Share this: Email Twitter LinkedIn Google Facebook More Pocket Tumblr Pinterest Reddit Sina...

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DNA’s First Official “State of the Domains” Newsletter Now Published Completely in Chinese!

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TLD Registry is extremely proud to be responsible for the full layout and design of the Domain Name Association’s (DNA) first official newsletter, released this past October at ICANN 51 in Los Angeles. The publication provides insight to the use of domain names through analysis, trends, and case studies. The TLD Registry team is extra excited for multiple reasons. In order to coincide with the English version of the newsletter, TLD Registry has been working alongside the DNA to complete a fully-Mandarin version of DNA’s “State of the Domains” quarterly publication. Be sure to catch the next newsletter at ICANN 52 in Singapore in February. We believe this is the first time ever that an international domain sector association has published a complete China edition. In a Chinese media report released yesterday, DNA announced the release of the fully-Mandarin edition and kindly acknowledged our Chinese IDNs, Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website. Several Chinese media outlets picked up the story including the popular business and finance news outlet, Xinhua08. To view the Chinese media report click here. DNA also announced that in their recent global research study, they found that China favors the use of new gTLDs. Results showed that 68% of the Chinese netizens who were surveyed, like having more options for domain names. China also displayed a greater awareness of new gTLDs. The “State of Domains” report included a feature article in the “IDN Spotlight” section by our very own CMO Simon Cousins. The feature covered launching IDN TLDs in China with a focus on DCO and DCW. Click here to view the English feature article in the “State of Domains” report. Click here to view the Chinese feature article in the “State of Domains” report. TLD Registry would like to thank the DNA for providing this wonderful opportunity to further expand universal access to Chinese internet users around the world.     Amanda Ng, TLD Registry Share this: Email Twitter LinkedIn Google Facebook More Pocket Tumblr Pinterest Reddit Sina...

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TLD Registry December Update

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TLD Registry December Newsletter 域通联达十二月新闻 It is nearing the end of the year, but TLD Registry has been continuously planning and creating. Read about our exciting new additions and achievements for the month of November. 在今年将要结束之际,域通联达为大家带来十一月精彩的新闻以及十二月的活动预告。 Upcoming Events 活动预告 Finland Independence Day 芬兰独立日 On the 6th of December 1917, Finland declared its independence from Russia. December 6, 2014 will mark the 97th anniversary. As the home to world’s leading Chinese IDN, TLD Registry is extremely proud to be a platinum sponsor for this monumental event at the Finnish Embassy in Beijing. Finland is known as Northern Europe’s leading domain business.  Happy Independence Day Finland! 1917年12月6日,芬兰宣布从沙皇统治中独立。今年是芬兰独立的第97个纪念日。为庆祝这一芬兰举国同庆的日子,域通联达将会作为铂金赞助商出席驻北京芬兰领事馆的纪念活动。祝大家芬兰独立日快乐! New and Notable 近期要闻 Best Marketing Award at Brandma New gTLD Roadshow 中域国际新顶级域路演最佳市场营销奖 This year’s New gTLD Roadshow awarded the TLD Registry team with a Best Marking in China award! Brandma CEO and ICANN Board member, Ching Chiao presented the award with the statement, “No other registry has helped the awareness of the importance and value of Chinese domains as TLD Registry”. Thanks Brandma and our dedicated partners and friends for supporting TLD Registry’s insurmountable efforts. Congrats team, keep up the hard work and creativity! 域通联达在今年的中域国际新顶级域全球路演大会中惊喜获得最佳市场营销奖。中域国际CEO、ICANN董事会成员乔敬在颁奖时致辞:“没有任何一家注册局像域通联达这样,对在公众中推广全中文域名的认识工作做出重大贡献。”这个奖项对域通联达意义重大,让我们认识到工作的重要性以及目前取得的成效,并鼓励我们继续完善目前的工作。 Welcoming a New Executive Board 祝贺新董事会成立 In light of the upcoming new year, TLD Registry is starting fresh with a new executive board to lead the team. Kirsi Eräkangas is the Chairman of the Board. She has previously served as Vice Chairman and Director of Basware Corporation since 1993 and as the Independent Director of QPR Software. Harri Koponen has served as the CEO of Sonera Corporation, VP of Ericsson, COO of Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment Ltd, and so much more. Jari Tuovinen is the cofounder at Vision+ Fund, which fully funds and supports TLD Registry. Tuomo Rissanen and Stefan Lindberg are continuing on the board as members. Welcome new board and we all look forward to a fresh new start! 在新年即将到来之际,域通联达的新董事会也正式成立。叶柯希(Kirsi Eräkangas)将会出任董事会主席一职。自1993年起,叶柯希就出任了芬兰驻名软件公司Basware的董事会副主席。她也是QPR软件公司的独立董事。新董事会成员柯皓锐(Harri Koponen)曾担任过芬兰电话公司Sonera CEO,爱立信副总裁,Rovio首席运营官等科技业重要职务。陶杰瑞(Jari Tuovinen)是Vision+基金的联合创始人并全额投资并支持域通联达的工作。李德慕(Tuomo Rissanen)和林渤方( Stefan Lindberg)将继续出任董事会成员。在此我们对域通联达新董事会成立表示热烈祝贺并期待更好的发展。 Weibo Additions 微博更新 As a result of feedback from our Weibo followers, new informative sliders are now featured on TLD Registry’s Weibo home page. Check them out! The new sliders were created in hopes of better communicating to the common person about the general process of registering domain names and how to register a DCO or DCW domain name. The infographic slider explains the registration process and sales from ICANN down to the registrant. The registrar slider illustrates the various partnering Chinese registrars associated with DCO and DCW. The WHOIS slider links directly to TLD Registry’s in-house WHOIS search that supports Chinese characters. We hope these sliders resolve FAQs common to a person unfamiliar with the domain registration process. Remember to connect with us on Weibo to always be up to date...

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