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TLD Registry December Update

Posted by on Dec 2, 2014 in News, News, News, News, News | 0 comments

TLD Registry December Newsletter 域通联达十二月新闻 It is nearing the end of the year, but TLD Registry has been continuously planning and creating. Read about our exciting new additions and achievements for the month of November. 在今年将要结束之际,域通联达为大家带来十一月精彩的新闻以及十二月的活动预告。 Upcoming Events 活动预告 Finland Independence Day 芬兰独立日 On the 6th of December 1917, Finland declared its independence from Russia. December 6, 2014 will mark the 97th anniversary. As the home to world’s leading Chinese IDN, TLD Registry is extremely proud to be a platinum sponsor for this monumental event at the Finnish Embassy in Beijing. Finland is known as Northern Europe’s leading domain business.  Happy Independence Day Finland! 1917年12月6日,芬兰宣布从沙皇统治中独立。今年是芬兰独立的第97个纪念日。为庆祝这一芬兰举国同庆的日子,域通联达将会作为铂金赞助商出席驻北京芬兰领事馆的纪念活动。祝大家芬兰独立日快乐! New and Notable 近期要闻 Best Marketing Award at Brandma New gTLD Roadshow 中域国际新顶级域路演最佳市场营销奖 This year’s New gTLD Roadshow awarded the TLD Registry team with a Best Marking in China award! Brandma CEO and ICANN Board member, Ching Chiao presented the award with the statement, “No other registry has helped the awareness of the importance and value of Chinese domains as TLD Registry”. Thanks Brandma and our dedicated partners and friends for supporting TLD Registry’s insurmountable efforts. Congrats team, keep up the hard work and creativity! 域通联达在今年的中域国际新顶级域全球路演大会中惊喜获得最佳市场营销奖。中域国际CEO、ICANN董事会成员乔敬在颁奖时致辞:“没有任何一家注册局像域通联达这样,对在公众中推广全中文域名的认识工作做出重大贡献。”这个奖项对域通联达意义重大,让我们认识到工作的重要性以及目前取得的成效,并鼓励我们继续完善目前的工作。 Welcoming a New Executive Board 祝贺新董事会成立 In light of the upcoming new year, TLD Registry is starting fresh with a new executive board to lead the team. Kirsi Eräkangas is the Chairman of the Board. She has previously served as Vice Chairman and Director of Basware Corporation since 1993 and as the Independent Director of QPR Software. Harri Koponen has served as the CEO of Sonera Corporation, VP of Ericsson, COO of Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment Ltd, and so much more. Jari Tuovinen is the cofounder at Vision+ Fund, which fully funds and supports TLD Registry. Tuomo Rissanen and Stefan Lindberg are continuing on the board as members. Welcome new board and we all look forward to a fresh new start! 在新年即将到来之际,域通联达的新董事会也正式成立。伊可思(Kirsi Eräkangas)将会出任董事会主席一职。自1993年起,伊可思就出任了芬兰驻名软件公司Basware的董事会副主席。她也是QPR软件公司的独立董事。新董事会成员柯皓锐(Harri Koponen)曾担任过芬兰电话公司Sonera CEO,爱立信副总裁,Rovio首席运营官等科技业重要职务。陶杰瑞(Jari Tuovinen)是Vision+基金的联合创始人并全额投资并支持域通联达的工作。李德慕(Tuomo Rissanen)和林渤方( Stefan Lindberg)将继续出任董事会成员。在此我们对域通联达新董事会成立表示热烈祝贺并期待更好的发展。 Weibo Additions 微博更新 As a result of feedback from our Weibo followers, new informative sliders are now featured on TLD Registry’s Weibo home page. Check them out! The new sliders were created in hopes of better communicating to the common person about the general process of registering domain names and how to register a DCO or DCW domain name. The infographic slider explains the registration process and sales from ICANN down to the registrant. The registrar slider illustrates the various partnering Chinese registrars associated with DCO and DCW. The WHOIS slider links directly to TLD Registry’s in-house WHOIS search that supports Chinese characters. We hope these sliders resolve FAQs common to a person unfamiliar with the domain registration process. Remember to connect with us on Weibo to always be up to date...

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TLD Registry's Simon Cousins Interviewed on Domain Name Wire Podcast

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In the November 10th episode of the popular Domain Name Wire Podcast, editor in chief Andrew Allemann spoke with TLD Registry’s CMO, Simon Cousins about the flourishing Chinese domain name market. Andrew mentions that Domain Holdings released their sales report for the past quarter, which states that a quarter of their sales were to buyers in China. Many top registries and registrars are crediting a large portion of their sales to the Chinese market. In the discussion between Simon and Andrew, Simon goes over myths about creating Chinese domain names, how Chinese people currently surf the web and how they will in the future, and what kind of Chinese domain names are considered premium domains to Chinese people. Most are aware that China has the world’s largest national population. However Simon reminds us that when looking at the Chinese market, investors must have a global outlook. Thriving and financially successful Chinese speaking people are not only in China’s mainland, but in fact living in almost every country of the world. For example, New York City is the home of the largest population of Chinese people who live outside of China. Numerals are a key feature to understand valuable Chinese domain names. In the Alexa Top 100 websites, 15 are numeric domains. The nuances of numbers in Chinese culture is detailed and opens up a market for profitability. Puns, symbolism, or references can all be derived from what seems to be a “random” combination of numbers to a non-Chinese speaker. In the podcast, Simon gives examples of each numeric nuance, showing the vast branches of semantics that emanate from combination of sounds and usage of numbers. Andrew and Simon then segue into how people in China use the web based on culture and language differences.  Referring to the 650 million Internet users in China, Simon states, “a portion of those are comfortable working with typing English letters and a much larger proportion are not comfortable working with English”. People who are not capable of using “QWERTY” keyboards go through portal sites, such as 163.com or hao123.com, that list thousands of different Chinese sites so people can simply click through the web. Simon also explains the difficulties that Chinese people stumble on when they are forced to type on keywords. Switching from English to Chinese and vice versa can be “universally annoying”. TLD Registry and other registries are taking away that annoyance with the provision of fully-Chinese domains. Non-English speakers around the world can now type in their own language in the address bar.  The availability of non-English domains, expands the Chinese domain market by attracting the whole Chinese speaking population. It no longer limits the Chinese domain market to Chinese...

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TLD Registry November Update

Posted by on Nov 10, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

TLD Registry November Newsletter 域通联达十一月新闻 Its the final quarter of 2014 and TLD Registry has had a record busy month in October. See what TLD Registry has accomplished and what is in the lineup for November! 越接近年末也是越忙碌与越多收获的时段,域通联达团队度过了一个忙碌的十月,也即将迎来同样忙碌的十一月。感谢关注我们的新闻简报! Upcoming Events 活动预告 2014 New gTLD Roadshow - Beijing (Nov 4), Shanghai (Nov 7), Shenzhen (Nov 11) , Xiamen (Nov 13) 11月4日-13日:2014新通用顶级域路演 -- 北京,台北,杭州,上海,深圳,厦门 TLD Registry’s new China General Manager, Jin Wang, will be leading our attendence at the upcomingBrandma.co roadshow in the first two weeks of November. The New gTLD Roadshowis a showcase for the latest developments and future outlook of new gTLDs in China. TLD Registry is a top-level sponsor of the roadshow, and Jin will be giving keynote presentations on the current state of Chinese IDNs at the Beijing and Xiamen events. For updates on Jin’s participation and keynote speech, follow TLD Registry on Twitter,Facebook, Weibo, Instagram, and LinkedIn! 11月前两个星期,域通联达新任中国区总经理将会带领团队共同参加中域国际中国新通用顶级域路演,路演将会在北京、台北、杭州、上海、深圳及厦门展开就新通用顶级域话题的系列讨论及讲座活动。王瑨会在北京和厦门中就中国国际化域名现状发表演讲。 想知道域通联达域名专家对中国国际化域名现状的看法吗?随时关注我们的微博@域通联达,了解最新动态! Startup Weekend - Hong Kong : November 14-16 11月14日-16日:香港创业周 On the weekend of November 14-16, TLD Registry will be sponsoring Startup Weekend in Hong Kong for the second year running. This weekend event in Hong Kong is especially exciting because many Chinese tech startups will also be in attendance. Startup Weekend is known as a global movement for entrepreneurs who are learning the fundamentals on how to build a company and successfully launch their ventures. TLD Registry will gain the opportunity to come together to share ideas, join workshops, form relationships, and start companies with people from cities all around the world. TLD Registry believes that it is essential to support startups so that they become enabled to expand the developments and business opportunities within the tech community. During this event, we will connect with these startups to encourage them and their partners to register a Dot Chinese Online and or Dot Chinese Websitedomain name as a solid investment for their successful futures. 11月14日至16日,域通联达将会参加第二届香港创业周活动。许多来自中国的科技创业企业将会参加本届创业周活动。域通联达致力于鼓励科技创新行业发展并邀请其注册有助于搜索引擎最优化的全中文域名。本次创新周中域通联达将会在各种活动中与创业者们交流经验并展示全中文域名独特的价值。 想知道本届创业周活动的进展情况吗?随时关注我们的微博@域通联达,了解最新动态! Internet Days Stockholm : November 24-25 11月24日-25日:斯德哥尔摩互联网日 This years’ Internet Days in Stockholm will feature a keynote speech from TLD Registry’s CEO Arto Isokoski! For the 14th consecutive year, the conference will be held at the Waterfront Congress Centre on November 24th and 25th. Organized by.SE (The Internet Infrastructure Foundation), an independent organization responsible for Sweden’s ccTLD and Internet development in Sweden, the conference will be shifted into a different approach this year. .SE hopes to create more of a forum for Internet influencers to come together and share ideas. We cannot wait to hear Arto’s speech and wish him the best of luck. If you would like to follow up on Arto’s keynote as well, just follow TLD Registry on our various social media: Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, Instagram, and LinkedIn! 斯德哥尔摩互联网日将会与11月24日-25日于海滨国会中心举行。域通联达CEO易书麒(Arto Isokoski)将会在互联网日期间发表主题演讲。会议通过15个论坛动从不同角度与互联网意见领袖们讨论互联网的发展。瑞典国码域名.SE拥有者互联网基础设施基金会组织策划。 想知道易书麒的演讲内容吗?随时关注我们的微博@域通联达,了解最新动态! New and Notable 近期要闻 Jin Wang Appointed GM of TLD Registry’s new Beijing Headquarters 域通联达在中国新总部开幕典礼上任命王瑨为中国区总经理 During TLD Registry’s grand opening ceremony of the new HQ in Beijing on October 24th, we were proud to announce the appointment of our new China General Manager, Jin...

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TLD Registry's current print advertising campaign in IoN Magazine

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IoN Magazine, standing for “Internet of Names”, is the first-ever glossy domain name industry magazine. The inaugural issue was released on June 26, 2014 coinciding with the ICANN 50 conference in London. The premise of the publication is to provide news, opinion, interviews, and analysis about the current ICANN conference - it even includes a schedule of events, local restaurant guide, and an entertainment feature with humor, cartoons, and even crosswords. Spearheaded by the DotAsia Organization and domain name industry enterprises, IoN offers a great opportunity for companies in the domain industry to collectively share information about initiatives, data, and announcements. In the note from the editor and industry leader, Kieren McCarthy states that the idea to create IoN Magazine was driven by the recent general availability of 200-plus new gTLDs that are expanding the internet community. TLD Registry took advantage of the IoN launch to initiate a new series of full-page advertisements, “The End of ASCII” - dedicated to bringing awareness to a digital divide manifested from the lack of universal access (and partly solved by our fully-Chinese domain names!) Our ad in the first issue of IoN shows a young boy looking at a mobile device, representing a typical rural Chinese child using the most common method to access the internet -- through mobile devices. The ASCII (English) requirements for inputting domain names has made internet access challenging for users such as our boy. With the new widespread availability of fully-Chinese domain names -- such as our Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website domains -- our boy has now scaled the digital divide. He can write the Chinese characters for his favorite cartoon character, for example, with his fingertip, and those characters are the domain name for the website he seeks. The message is clear and imminent. ASCII is not helpful for the next billion internet users. Fully native language IDNs are, on the other hand, enablers. The Internet is often portrayed as a universal platform where the communication of ideas are easily accessible and immediately transferred globally. If this is true, then why does a digital divide still exist? An English speaking Internet user understands the concept that domain names have correspondence to the landing page. For example, “internetregistry.info” is going to bring the browser to an Internet Registry page. This concept does not exist with Chinese Internet users. Because IDNs were not initially implemented, Chinese websites are often a consolidation of lucky numbers or random ASCII characters. Even with an ASCII based phonetic system, the Chinese language is too complex to give a specific meaning to ASCII domain names. The digital divide limits communities that do not have an ASCII character based language, preventing...

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TLD Registry October Update

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TLD Registry October Newsletter 域通联达十月新闻 October is going to be an event-packed month for TLD Registry. There are some important conferences, such as ICANN 51 in Los Angeles, to attend and new features to announce. See where we’re traveling to and what exciting news we have to share! 在这个10月,域通联达将参与许多业界重要会议,比如在洛杉矶举办的ICANN第51届会议,并且宣布公司的重大事项。以下是公司所到之处以及相关新闻! Upcoming Events 活动预告 Chinese Domain Name Roadtrip 2014 Austin-Phoenix-LA: October 9-12 2014中文域名公路旅行 奥斯汀-凤凰城-洛杉矶:10月9日-12日 On October 9 - 12, 2014, TLD Registry will be embarking on a week-long road trip across the southwest United States, bringing with them the popular Chinese trend of "pudding noodles", and the advocacy and education of Chinese Domain Names to interested (and hungry) potential investors. Beginning in Austin, Texas from October 6-8, the TLD Registry executive team will be occupied with industry meetings and team workshops. Then the team will be travelling to Phoenix, Arizona to connect with industry members and reach out to locals in hopes of introducing the world's most-sold Chinese "new gTLD" IDNs.  From Phoenix, the team will then be driving on their way to Los Angeles, California - just in time for ICANN 51. The combination of Chinese domain names, pudding noodles, a multi-state road trip, parties in Beverly Hills, and media outreach, the Chinese Domain Name Road Trip 2014 will surely pique the interest of some high tech business folks - and turn a lot of other heads in the process as well. 2014年10月9日-12日,域通联达将会开始一周横跨美国西南部的公路旅行。在这次活动中,我们会将台湾当下最流行的布丁面条带到沿路的华人社区,并向潜在的投资人推广全中文域名。域通联达团队在10月6日-8日将从德克萨斯州的奥斯汀启程,参加各种行业会议和团队演讲,然后前往亚利桑那州的凤凰城与业内人士会合,并向当地人推广当今最热销的中文“新国际化通用顶级域名”。然后从凤凰城出发,前往加利福尼亚州的洛杉矶参加ICANN第51届大会。这次活动集合了推广中文域名、布丁面条、横跨几大州的公路旅行、贝弗利山庄派对和媒体报道于一体,2014中文域名公路旅行一定可以引起更多高科技行业人士的兴趣,以及广大群众对中文域名投资的关注。   We’ll be sharing photos and reports from our roadtrip, so please follow along on our Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, LinkedIn, Instagram and Wikipedia pages! 我们将分享公路旅行途中拍摄的照片和报告,敬请关注我们的Twitter, Facebook, 微博, 领英, Instagram 和维基百科 页面! TLD Registry’s ICANN 51 Party in Los Angeles: October 12 10月12日:域通联达将会在洛杉矶举办第51届ICANN大会前午宴 On Sunday October 12, TLD Registry will be co-hosting an afternoon party in partnership with our friends at .CLUB Domains at LA’s best contemporary Chinese restaurant, Chin Chin in Beverly Hills. The event will be attended by the first 70 of our many partners and friends who have RSVPed!. It will feature performances by a lion dance team, classical Chinese musicians, and much more exciting entertainment.  The party goers will enjoy a fun afternoon with fellow industry leaders at one of Los Angeles well-known spots. 10月12日星期日,域通联达将会与我们来自.CLUB域名的朋友在洛杉矶最现代化的中餐餐厅,即比弗利山庄的Chin Chin餐厅举办宴会。此次活动将邀请前70名向我们预约的嘉宾参加。宴会上会有中国传统的舞龙舞狮表演,传统中国乐器演奏以及其他精彩的表演节目。希望所有到场嘉宾都能在洛杉矶人最爱的中国餐馆度过愉快的时光。 ICANN 51 Los Angeles: October 12-16 10月12-16日:ICANN51届洛杉矶会议 From October 12-16, ICANN 51 will be hosted at Los Angeles’ Hyatt Regency Century Plaza. Three times a year, attendees travel internationally from all parts of the world to attend the domain industry’s most important meeting. Advancing ICANN stated goal of “one world, one Internet”, the meeting unites the Internet community to discuss our industry’s latest policies and issues. TLD Registry is proud to be able to participate alongside global and individual leaders collaborating to diversify and evolve the Internet. Please come visit us at ICANN 51 Los Angeles, and meet our multinational team (including the key members of our Beijing-based team). You can email us to set up a meeting.  ICANN第51届大会将于10月12-16日在洛杉矶的世纪广场凯悦酒店举行。人们从世界各地前来参加每年举行三次的域名界最重要的会议。会议围绕着ICANN核心目标“同一个世界,同一个互联网”,将全世界的域名人聚集在一起,讨论业界最新政策与动态。域通联达很荣幸能与全球及个人领袖共同合作推动互联网的发展及其多元化。 欢迎大家前来参加 ICANN第51届洛杉矶会议和域通联达的跨国团队(包括我们北京团队的主要成员)会面。如有意向,请发邮件给我们进行咨询。 Pure Finland Investment Seminar and Finnish Ambassador Reception: October 23 10月23日:纯净芬兰投资研讨会和芬兰大使招待会 Pure Finland is a Finnish government project focused...

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