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In August 2014, TLD Registry launched another world-first innovation for the domain name industry: our Chinese Domain Ambassador Program.

We created the program in-house, and is designed to support and engage with young, enthusiastic Chinese domain investors.

TLD Registry's Chinese Domain Ambassador Program extends TLD Registry’s expertise in domain investing, business techniques, and global opportunities to Chinese domain millennials, who are relatively new to the domain industry. This direct one-on-one approach provides an advanced resource our inducted Ambassadors can utilize.  It is another example of TLD Registry's commitment to build new bridges and strengthen existing bridges between the Chinese and international domain name industry.


Program Resources:

Our Chinese Domain Ambassador Program is offered on an invitation-only basis to outstanding and ethical young Chinese domainers, initially only in the People's Republic of China. A broad range of resources and services are provided to our Ambassadors, some of which are confidential, and others we are able to talk about!

  • Access to exclusive premium domain names and an innovative program of aftermarket placement
  • Direct coaching with TLD Registry’s expert team -- we are the unambiguous world leader in Chinese domains and our Ambassadors derive great benefit from our constant contact and support
  • Regular closed meetups to exchange ideas and business plans
  • Invitations to TLD Registry events to provide a source of networking -- our Ambassadors are presented with full VIP status in influential events


Upcoming Ambassador Events:

24 October 2014 - (Beijing, China) TLD Registry's new Beijing office Opening Ceremony and VIP Dinner


Meet Our Ambassadors:


Name: 曹龙 Cao Long ("Dragon")
Province: Liaoning

Cao Long, or "Dragon" as we call him, has been working in a leading Beijing-based digital marketing agency in IT support and website maintenance for several years. He appreciates the value of Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website and is eager to introduce fully-Chinese domain names to the public. In hopes of taking advantage of this great investment opportunity, Dragon has made efforts to build valuable websites with Chinese domain names. He is currently working on several website developments that he plans to launch soon.



Name: 钟素娟  Zhong Sujuan
Province: Jiangxi

Sujuan works in financial management as an accountant. At first, she was a Chinese domain user. After she gained more knowledge about the industry, she became an investor and now advocates for Chinese domains. She enjoys her changing roles in this business and looks forward to the challenges and opportunities of introducing Chinese domain names.




About the Caricaturist:

The caricatures of the Ambassadors above were depicted by a well-known caricaturist, Ryan Rhodes, founder and president of Digital Caricatures Live. He obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree studying Industrial Design at Carnegie Mellon University and continued his career in Corporate Design for 10 plus years. Ryan has been a caricaturist artist for 20 years and has gained a popular list of clientele, including drawing the portraits of featured people on ICANNwiki.



About the Chinese Domain Ambassador Logo:


Chinese Domain Ambassador Program_final_2014_07_28


Our Chinese Domain Ambassador Program logo holds a significant meaning in Chinese culture. In Chinese, the frog is known as Jin Chan (金蟾), meaning literally "gold frog" or "money frog". According to principles of Feng Shui, Jin Chan is a symbol of prosperity that is able to fend off evil spirits in order to protect wealth and fortune.

Jin Chan is often depicted in many different designs, but with certain consistent characteristics. He is traditionally sitting on a pile of cash with a gold coin in his mouth. In our updated depiction, the pile of cash is replaced by the extremely valuable premium domain names in Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website. The coin features the Chinese characters of the two top level domains.

Jin Chan is the most powerful Feng Shui emblem of wealth in Chinese culture. Most Chinese people believe that Jin Chan can bring the greatest amount of fortune to the household, as well as long life, good luck, and security. All of these good fortunes are within reach by investing in premium domain names in Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website.



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