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Chinese consumers don't need the purpose of Dot Chinese Online explained to them. The relevance of the TLD is clear and intuitive.

The Chinese word 在线 is the precise and singular translation for the English word "online" -- there is zero ambiguity about the purpose of  websites and services in a Dot Chinese Online domain.

The usefulness and popularity of 在线 ("online") has been validated by hundreds of famous and highly trafficked web properties, including AOL, F1 motor racing, key state news portals (including all Chinese provinces and key cities), and many of the largest web services platforms, including those for tickets, hotels, gaming, gadgets and many more important sectors.



Entirely new businesses will be built on Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website

Short, memorable, and highly searchable domains under Dot Chinese Online are readily available through our domain suggestion website, Get your premium-level domains in Dot Chinese Online for general prices! Or, to inquire on registry-reserved premium names, simply email us at for more information.

For a downloadable informational brochure about Dot Chinese Online, please click on any of the links below:

Download the latest TLD Registry booklet in English (PDF)

Download the latest TLD Registry booklet in Simplified Chinese (China mainland Mandarin) (PDF)

Download the latest TLD Registry booklet in Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong Cantonese) (PDF)

Download the latest TLD Registry booklet in Traditional Chinese (Taiwan Mandarin) (PDF)

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